The Advantages of Using Pole Buildings in Illinois

Erecting a building is complicated task with lots of factors requiring careful consideration. One of the most important ones is the kind of framing that will be used. For most, the choice will be pole, wood or steel frame. When it comes to pole buildings Illinois has a proud tradition of excellent construction with many examples across the state. People typically opt for this method because of the following advantages that they can get:

Cheap Cost of Construction

This is the cheapest method of all three. Indeed, it was developed during the lean days of the Great Depression when people had very little funds to go around. It requires few materials so the project can begin immediately even for those with a meager budget. If you need a building erected as soon as possible with limited funds, then this is definitely the way to go. Wood is a bit more expensive while steel will set you back a great deal higher.

Highly Versatile Design

The simplicity of the pole framing is quite deceptive. You might think that this cheap alternative is good only for basic designs but it can actually be adapted to a wide variety of structures. It was first used for the creation of barns in farms across the country. It has since been utilized for homes of different sizes as well as commercial establishments like banks. Many schools and churches were also built using this framing technique because of its low cost. More info here.

Easy Insulation

Winters can be harsh in Illinois. It's a good thing that pole buildings are easy to insulate compared to structures with steel framing. Get excellent insulating materials and spread them across the most vulnerable areas such as the perimeter walls and the roofing. Make sure that there are no gaps and cracks that could compromise the setup. You will have a home that can feel warm and comfortable during the coldest months of the year with a suitable heating system.

Long Life Expectancy

Just because it is a low-cost project doesn't mean that it is a low quality framing. In fact, pole buildings have a reasonably long life expectancy of 60 to 80 years. That means the house you build can be passed on to several generations. As long as the structure is well-maintained, then there should be no reason why it won't reach these estimated ages. You can see several examples of these all over Illinois that prove the technique's ability to stand the test of time.

Fast Building Completion

Finally, using poles make construction such a breeze that everything can be completed far quicker than all of the other methods. Whereas others will take several months to complete, this may only need several weeks before the structure is ready for occupancy. This makes it highly attractive for things that are borne out of a sudden need. This is precisely why they were popular in the 1930s: farms required immediate additional capacity during harvest season. This ability can be adapted to modern needs.